Matumbaman is an expert Dota 2 player who currently plays for professional Dota 2 esports team Team Secret. Matumbaman earned his fame to glory by winning the Summer Assembly 2014 LAN Tournament. He is also renowned as a TI Winner in 2017 playing with Team Liquid.

His playstyle is versatile as he adapts to both Pos 1 and Pos 2 in the professional Dota scene. His signature Dota 2 heroes includes Tinker, Ember Spirit, Lycan, Morphling, and Broodmother.

Bio And Achievement Of Matumbaman In Professional Dota 2 Scene

Matumbaman, whose real name is Lasse Aukusti Urpalainen, is an adept Dota 2 player. The meaning of Matumbaman is 'even if I fall' in Filipino. His birthdate is on 3  1995 and hails from Finland.

Matumbaman, age 25, started his career as a pub player and then joined alongside Vini, Vici, Vidi, in early 2014. He explicated off his charismatic and advanced mechanical skills on Dota 2 heroes such as Ember Spirit and Tinker. Matumbaman was scouted by Trixi, a team member of Fnatic, and had an opportunity to play alongside his team. However, the team disbanded shortly afterward. Then the former team member Trixi formed a team comprising of Matumbaman, Jerax, Buugi, and Vaalix in late 2014 September. 

In 2015, Matumbaman was selected to be in a team named 5Jungz, created by captain KuroKy to battle for the Frankfurt Major alongside Jerax, FATA, and Mind_Control. Before the start for the Frankurt Major based on the qualifier, Team Liquid proclaimed the signing of their new squad.

With the new and improved Team Liquid on the toe, Matumbaman ruled the game with astounding skills until The International 2016, consistently conquering their position at higher levels. After some unexpected issues before post-TI6, Team Liquid returned and reverted to dominance in 2017, climaxing in their victory at The International 2017.

In June 2019, Matumbaman moved from the main roster of Team Liquid, the team which was the longest five-person roster ever to exist in the professional Dota 2 scene, since 2015.

Matumbaman moves out of the starting roster for Team Liquid in January 2019 (©: Instagram/Team Liquid)

After taking a break for the first major of the season and some roster changes, Matu finally settled at Team Secret on 4 November 2019. He is regarded as one of the prominent players on the team where he plays carry or mid lane.

Net Worth And Career Earnings Of Matumbaman

As of 2020, Matumbaman has earned almost $3,635,690, according to Liquipedia Dota 2. So, that means his net worth is in the multi-million dollar.

Matumbaman first made his professional debut as a member of 5Jungz, through which he overcame many battles going straight to Nanyang Dota 2 championships in 2015. After relocating to Team Liquid, he showed better results and charismatic gameplay with many strategies. With being in Team Liquid, Matumbaman's preeminent win came at the Dota 2 Champions League Season 6, where the team won the finals against the team Empire fabulously.

Team Liquid's first participation held at a Major event saw them take spot at second-place finish, succumbing to Team Secret in the finals. As the team secured $400,000 in winnings, Matumbaman earned his due reward.

Circumstances become more stable for Matumbaman as he took second place at another major event, gaining more admiration, benevolence, and honor for himself throughout the fans that watched the match.

Matumbaman playing with Team Liquid (©:

Throughout a string of substantial accomplishments and first-place finishes, Matumbaman progressed into The International 2017 with high expectations. Although a top place finish would have been more than competent for even the top teams, destiny adjusted all the stars in favor of Matumbaman.

Enumerating the aegis to his trophy board, Matu assembled the winning prize money of $2 million, taking his total prize money profits to $2,907,227.